About me… I’m 62 years old now, and have been interested in photography for a very long time…! I started selling pictures only in about 2005, mostly landscapes or other creations, and cards and postcards. Previous to this photography had been a hobby I have dipped in and out of for over 35 years. I’ve been doing weddings now for over 14 years commercially having started doing wedding for a  number of friends weddings. And in 2012 after my permanent employer decided to let me go, I ploughed my redundancy cash into a studio which has been running for over 9 years and has recently moved premises And I am very proud of where it has got to now…! More about that in some of my blogs as I look back as well as forward, so look there sometime! I am also looking to get involved in other things too, and again more on those as they develop!

So in summary – I have a studio – JFYP Studio – www.jfyp.co.uk

And I do weddings – weddings.jfyp.co.uk

I was also chair of a camera club from 2016 to 2021 – www.positiveimage.org.uk

I also am into drama and am part of the Wombwell Thespians  drama group and in 2020 have written my first plays… I have performed as an extra in several TV series including Victoria.