Wombwell Thespians – Wind in the Willows

Quickly following on from Ladies’ Day, we Thespians did the Wind in the Willows as adapted by Mike Kenny from the much loved original story by Kenneth Grahame. This was quickly rehearsed, put together and performed in the Christmas season of December 2021.

A big cast featured quite a few new members in their first stage roles and all did well to bring the production to life!

The cast (in order of appearance) was:-

CHIEF WEASEL – Andy Harris
MOLE – Karen MacQuarrie
BADGER – Amanda Marcroft
RAT – Lewis Conway

TOAD – Robert Wilson
RABBIT – Laura Amos
OTTER – Caitlin Lashmar
HORSE – Fiona Goulty
JUDGE – Matt Lashmar
CLERK – Andy Harris
GOALER’S DAUGHTER – Caitlin Lashmar

GUARD – Andy Harris
DRIVER – Matt Lashmar
BARGEE – Andrea Conway
PERSON 1 – Laura Amos
PERSON 2 – Caitlin Lashmar

I played multiple parts as did most of us that weren’t in the 4 main characters. I played Chief Weasel (well the only weasel), Clerk of the Court, and the Train Guard! Again a good if slightly rushed rehearsal schedule meant that we were performing to an audience pretty quickly!

The production crew was :-

And as you can see I again did the work behind the programme. We also achieved a pretty good NODA review of the performance – see https://www.noda.org.uk/show-reports/the-wind-in-the-willows-1639517246

We didn’t have a photographer at this one but there are some phone pics and a pic that appeared in the Rotherham Advertiser shown below.

Rotherham Advertiser 8 Dec 2021

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