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There is no doubt Edinburgh is a beautiful and vibrant city. It is Scotland’s compact, hilly capital. It has a wonderful medieval Old Town and an elegant Georgian New Town with many gardens and neoclassical buildings. Watching dutifully over the city is Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny, used in the coronation of Scottish rulers. Arthur’s Seat is an imposing peak in Holyrood Park with sweeping views, and Calton Hill is topped with monuments and memorials as well as excellent views over the city. I’ve been to Edinburgh now about 5 times and have the luxury of being able to stay with friends near the home of the green and white Hibernian club.

When last there in November I was taking advantage of a present from my son, Ben, who treated me to a voucher for a photo walking tour of Edinburgh. This was provided by Ewan Barry who has a small studio in Blackfriars Street in Edinburgh (address and links at the foot of this post). The photo tour was refreshingly not a quick waltz around the usual tourist hostspots to get the normal postcard shots, but with a view to taking some more unique and different aspects of the city. As we meandered around the nooks and crannies of the Old Town, I learned much about the city as Ewan brought the place to life… No spoilers here, go get that experience too! Oh and by the way, the tour was great value at £35 (at the time of writing this) for nearly 3.5 hours of walking and photographing.

I can recommend Ewan, as he also has a great knowledge of photography (he does a lot of photography on a daily basis mostly PR, event and of course photo tours). Most of the pictures taken are within yards of the Royal Mile and Carlton Hill. Anyway – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves – you might like the style, you might not, photography is very subjective, but I hope you appreciate a different and unusual view of the old town. My favourite version of the photos is in black and white, so that’s what there is here. I do have some in colour too. And also, I might add, a few of the photos were taken on days other than the tour, but included here as produced in a similar style.

Thanks, Andy

Those useful links:-

Ewan Barry – Tete-a-Tete Studio / Foto Tours Edinburgh
52 Blackfriars Street



There are a lot of photos below – click on a thumbnail and scroll with the arrows! If you want to add comments, go to the foot of this post.



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