Queen of the Castle!

It’s part of studio life that there are model shoots held… some of these are organised by photographers who hire the studio and bring models in to photograph, and many are organised at the studio by Peter McLean – he puts on many events from group shoots to model days and these attract some of the best models in the country and a variety of photographers from around the area. You can see more of Peter’s events at the studio on his own website here >>> peter-mclean.com.

One of the frequent models to the studio is Bobbi Castle – from Newcastle. She is great at having a variety of looks and is capable of great shapes and poses. She is also great fun to be around, with good banter and good stories. See some pics below taken over 3 visits these last 12 months.

The studio also runs model shoot workshops (with Peter McLean) and studio lighting training too.

See more on www.jfyp.co.uk.



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