Looking Back – Whitley Bay 2019

With the trip to Newcastle as in the last two blog posts, I also took the opportunity to go and see the newly revamped Spanish City building in Whitley Bay. When I lived in the area in 1980-81 the Spanish City was the home of arcades, bingo etc forming part of the overall site featuring a Corkscrew rollercoaster. It must be said in those years, the Spanish City building was in a poor state and with continued usage was falling to bits. Here is a picture from 2015, the last time I saw it.

Spanish City in 2015, boarded up with some of the new landscaping getting done.

And now it looks so much different. The old fun fair is long gone, with houses and a diverted road running through where the Corkscrew rollercoaster was. It has changed a lot as the road used to run in front of the Spanish City. Now there is pleasant landscaping and gardens, So very different. Spanish City has had a multi-million punt revamp and looked pristine in gleaming white and inside it was also renewed. There are no more arcades/amusements inside, there are two restaurants, and the front facing facade is now a collection of more elite shops and a lovely old fashioned cafe/tea room where I sampled a light breakfast.

The lovely new cafe/tea room
The large restaurant

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