Homage to Vettriano

An opportunity came to test some new lighting (and editing) options as a trial for an upcoming workshop. Based on the excellent artwork of Jack Vettriano, Peter McLean and I with the wonderful Elle J model, looked at creating poses that would align with some of Vattriano’s work. So whilst not an exact replica of his art, more a nod to the style of them – and produced in the camera with editing in Photoshop etc. You may like them, you may not, either way, they are of a style.  And we are running a workshop at the studio in October based on this style of posing and lighting. If you are interested, let me or Peter McLean know or see more details here.  Some of my Vettriano inspired images are shown below the links.

Some useful links:-

Peter McLean Website >>> https://peter-mclean.com/
JFYP Studio Website >>> http://www.jfyp.co.uk/
Recreating Vettriano Workshop – 7 Oct 2018 >>> https://peter-mclean.com/ellej-and-phil-bruce-will-be-recreating-vettriano-in-a-workshop-at-jfyp-studio-sunday-october-7th/

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